A transmission literally puts power in your hands. Whether you drive a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission, staying on top of your vehicle's transmission can help you navigate roads around the Finger Lakes.

You can learn about car transmission service by reading the resources on this page. Maguire Volkswagen can help you find out about transmission repair near Ithaca, Corning, or Binghamton, NY.

What is a Car Transmission?

The transmission distributes power from the engine to your vehicle's wheels. Most vehicles have a traditional multi-speed transmission. A car transmission may also be known as the gear box of your vehicle. It helps your vehicle speed up, slow down, and handle roads with ease.

If you drive an electric vehicle, your vehicle may not have a conventional transmission. In fact, your ride won't even have an engine. A single-gear EV may handle its all-around performance with the touch of your gas pedal. You can ask a factory-certified technician to learn about EV service needs for the new way of driving around New York.

What Are Different Types of Car Transmission?

Your transmission says a lot about your car. It empowers your ability to explore or head to work. From the "stick shift" to automatic drive, read below to learn about the different types of car transmissions.

Transmission Type

What's the Difference?

Manual transmission

Ability to change gears by hand - may be less expensive to service

Automatic transmission

Popular type of transmission - gear selector may be easier to manipulate

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

System of belts and pulleys create smooth driving experience

Semi-Automatic/Dual-Clutch Transmission

Performance-minded transmissions for rapid acceleration

Despite a wide variety of transmissions at your disposal when you select a vehicle, each of these may share similar symptoms when they need service. Scroll below to learn about signs that your car needs transmission repair.

What Are Signs I Need Car Transmission Service?

There are several reasons your vehicle may need transmission repair. Drivers can have overheating transmission fluid, or you might need a new clutch plate. You may find out after you detect these signs:

  • Grinding or squealing
  • Burning smell
  • Manual transmission "popping" out of gear
  • Steering issues
  • Transmission fluid leak

If you detect issues like erratic steering, it is important to contact a factory-certified technician right away. Your vehicle's ability to stop and go with precision may be hindered. A factory-certified technician can review your vehicle's performance and let you know what types of transmission service your vehicle may need.

Our Service Center

The factory-certified technicians at our service center are trained to handle a wide variety of makes and models. This also means that they'll be able to work on different types of transmissions.

While transmission repair may involve an extended stay, you can still get your vehicle checked out in a flash. VW Service Xpress makes it easy to swing by if you need quick service. You can also ask our team about ongoing service specials to secure additional value when you visit.  

Learn More About Transmission Repair

How can you find out about transmission service? Learn more about transmission repair by reading the resources on this page.

If you need transmission repair near Ithaca, Corning, or Binghamton, New York, check in with the team at Maguire Volkswagen to schedule service.

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